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Christia Cartwright is coping with a past she cannot seem to forget. She has molded her life into one big escape from reality, with alcohol being her number one choice. When she meets Michael, she can no longer hide from what she feels. Their pasts collide in the most mysterious ways as the story develops.
The author has just enough description to ignite the imagination in this incredibly thrilling adventure. The twist that concludes the novel is genuinely staggering and intriguing. I am anxious to read the next installment. A Blink: The Series - Breaking Branches

Amazon - Blink The Series: Breaking Branches

Young collegiate Tia Cartwright is an orphan living on Maui with housemates who have become family. Tia is no damsel in distress, however.

She has survived the worst life could throw at her, so feels entitled to live on the ragged edge and drown nightmares in alcohol. After she enthralls Michael Wellington, the man everyone wants (and most have had), she finds that he and a few others use secret super powers to combat a powerful menace to humans in this Hawaiian paradise.
Tia’s reckless behavior makes her likely prey—or recruit?—of this mesmerizing malevolent force.

Breaking Branches, an aptly chilling title, is a mix of folklore/graphic novel with haiku-like passages tossed in. When Tia is drawn to the warm ocean beach, you would swear you are there yourself. The writing flows effortlessly and captivates. Impressive debut for J.Kahele, well done! Misha Blink: The Series - Breaking Branches

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Jenna is a young woman on her own in the world except for a sister. Jenna marries a charming older man with wealth and power, but she finds that Senator Ben has a very ugly underside. Andrew is a young lawyer whom Jenna meets, and the two are quickly and passionately drawn to each other. We hope Andrew can extract Jenna from her husband, Senator Ben, and keep her safe, but Ben is obsessive and armed with rage and extensive resources.
Mine! explores the trap of domestic abuse many women find themselves caged in, and stay, to the sorrow and bewilderment of those who truly love them. This book really stays with you. It is a sweet/sour tale, rating quite a few stars and at least one X for explicit love/hate scenes. M Mine

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You know that a book is better than good when you find yourself getting angry at a character and falling in love with another. I personally have to say hats off to the author for putting this book together in such a beautiful yet seductive way, this one surely has the making of a classic. J. Kahele did a great job of seamlessly blending the characters and the story creating a very natural environment for readers to dive into. I do recommend this book to everyone looking for a solid and deep book to read. Toni Mine

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This is in no doubt one of the best books I have blessed my eyes on this year, not the average unsuccessful attempts I have come to know. A romantic yet emotional story we all can relate to. The author has certainly exhibited true imaginative writing abilities by creating one of the most natural and easy to read stories I have seen. A truly captivating read. M Pam Mine

Amazon - Mine

This story shows us people at their best and worst . I was sucked into the story immediately and thought the author did a really good job portraying the emotional abuse many women endure and why they stay in that type of relationship.

I thought Ben was an okay guy in the beginning but not soon after I wanted to grab him by the scruff of his neck and jerk him out of his limo.

This is a really good read. The characters are very well crafted and interact well with each other. The author did a great job creating a book that made me really like some characters and be highly irritated with others.

There were moments that were chilling to me as I could see the emotional control simmering beneath the surface.

If you like romance reads, I’d definitely recommend this one. Beverly Clark Mine

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Mine: Compelling & Alarming New Novel Proves Harsh Realities of Domestic Violence—Does  Seeking Help Always Cure the Evil?


Written by J. Kahele, this searing yet highly-insightful novel attempts to both illuminate the real world of domestic violence and quash the belief that seeking help is the panacea to cure all ills. While a work of fiction, ‘Mine’ is poised to serve as a wake-up call to thousands of domestic violence victims.


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New Baltimore, MI – While it sounds implausible, twenty two percent of women in the United States have been the victims of domestic violence from their male spouses. Be it physical or mental, there’s no denying this rampant epidemic that requires serious action. While help comes in many forms, a new book by author J. Kahele has been designed and released to quash an often fatal belief among victims – that everything will get better after seeking help.


‘Mine’ proves that sometimes it is impossible to get away and break the cycle of violence. While harsh in its premise, Kahele’s narrative is a vital wake-up call that the world needs to hear. The narrative focuses on the life of Jenna, a young woman held captive in an abusive relationship by power-hungry Senator Benjamin Kramer. When Jenna meets someone else who wants to free her from her pain, the story takes a turn that nobody could have expected.




A simple trip to the attorneys turns into a life changing moment for 22 year old Jenna Kramer, when she encounters Andrew Carington for the first time. Their desire for each other is so deep that an affair ensues quickly. But Jenna's abusive and controlling husband Senator Benjamin Kramer will never give her up and soon Jenna finds herself plummeting into dangerous grounds.


“Thousands of women lose their lives to domestic violence each year. Sadly, many of these deaths come after the victim has sought the help she thought was the ‘cure’. This isn’t always the case; it’s often impossible to get out of deadly relationships,” says Kahele.


Continuing, “So, this book was designed to not only be a gripping read, but to give at least some power back to victims. I want all women to realize that simply seeking help isn’t enough. There’s much more involved in the puzzle to end domestic violence. Every situation is different but, when women see that they need to do more, they’ll eventually figure out what could work for them.”


To date the novel has garnered extremely positive reviews. For example, one reader comments, “This is in no doubt one of the best books I have blessed my eyes on this year, not the average unsuccessful attempts I have come to know. A romantic yet emotional story we all can relate to. The author has certainly exhibited true imaginative writing abilities by creating one of the most natural and easy to read stories I have seen. A truly captivating read.”


Beverly Clark adds, “This story shows us people at their best and worst . I was sucked into the story immediately and thought the author did a really good job portraying the emotional abuse many women endure and why they stay in that type of relationship.”


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About the Author:

Kahele is a mother of three daughters and lives life via email. She has recently been introduced to Twitter and finds it quite captivating. She enjoys long walks and a good book to cuddle up to. Writing is her addiction and believe it or not it helps her relax after a long day in the hustle and bustle of the nine to five job.



Janelle Kahele

Amazon - Blink The Series: Breaking Branches

Great read-- totally sucked me in!

Christina Cartwright- Tia, as she is called, is an orphan living in Maui with her roommates. She has survived the worst, and copes with the life she can’t forget with alcohol. In the midst of her escape from reality Tia meets Michael. Michael is the man everyone wants, but he is enthralled with Tia. Their friendship turns romantic, and Tia learns that Michael, as well as a few others, use secret powers to combat a hazardous force in the midst of the Hawaiian paradise. Tia and Michael’s pasts collide in a huge way- making their storyline the highlight. Tia is a rebel by her nature, making her seem almost like prey to this force, and the book ends in a total cliffhanger. I can’t wait for the next installment!

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Jenna hardly imagined that she would be the victim of abuse. With all that she was and all that she had, she entered her relationship with all of love's innocence only to discover that she would become the vulnerable target that is the insidious secret behind more closed doors than we care to realise. That Jenna gives her heart to another is no sin, that she hungers for acceptance is no tragedy. That she doesn't have the physical strength of her abuser, is. This book opens to a glimpse of the dirty secrets that trample the spirit and dishonour the sanctity of a basic human right: dignity. Thanks for your attention to this, J. Kahele.
D. J. Blackmore Mine
Author of 'Charter to Redemption'.


Sexy, steamy, and emotionally charged, Facade is one of my favorite romances I've read in a long time. It's spirited and it's got plenty of push-pull - I love a nice tug between the main characters (not the dirty kind, you sicko). But speaking of dirty - the story does get quite steamy at times, and the sex is super hot.

I also loved how this felt like the drama of a real relationship with all the masks we wear with each other and how vulnerabilities make us lash out in such strange ways sometimes. Fun, sexy, and interesting - a nice read to cozy up with. Highly recommended for my fellow romance readers who like a bit of a rollercoaster ride in their relationships. Sam G


In the best tradition of sexually charged thrillers, Facade introduces us to Ally and Liam, two characters that are literally like two asteroids colliding in space.

It can only create a big bang. Ally is a feisty heroine, and I found myself one the one hand cheering for her directness and tough attitude. On other pages pages I was like 'Ally, now why have you done that? It will only make Liam mad.'

Liam has a great relationship with his father, a successful business, and Liam knows too what he wants. Problem is, despite the many proclaimations of love for each other, Ally and Liam don't seem to want to go that bit further, or maybe...learn to back off.

Hence this is the Facade I saw in the title, and how it relates to the story.

Will they end up together, or not? You'll have to read and see. But it is so worth the read!

I think the author of the superb Mine and Mine 2, J Kahele, had a blast writing this tale. There's scope for more too - Caras is actually my favourite character - I warped mind! Anyway, this is a great read that demands your attention. Now. John Hennessey


I had heard about this book with two authors that live in 2 totally different worlds combining their opposite roles in writings. I just took a chance and bought the book. Oh my goodness, from the beginning of this book to the very last end of it was absolutely superb. Great book and I hope to see more. Jan Evans


Amazing! These two authors did an amazing job by combing their talents to bring a wonderful story. The story was written so unbelievably well the characters fine tuned.

Archie is from a London mob, he speaks with a cockney slang which I found made his character so realistic. His father is a very selfish, kind of low life of a man, who has forced him into this life of crime he does not want to be in, he would rather sit home watching soap operas and cuddle with his kitten Martin.

Isabella is a young innocent girl who unfortunately is the daughter of ruthless killer Giovani, a don of the mafia. She exists in a world, where freedom is obsolete.

Charlie, Archies father, comes across a deal of a lifetime, gun smuggling. But he has to travel to New York to talk with the person who is in charge of the deal, Giovani. He takes his crew with him including Archie and they fly out to America, specifically New York.

It is here where Archie first comes across Isabella and it is love at first sight. The romance that sparks between Archie and Isabella is amazing. This is one rom-com that I most definitely recommend to everyone. It not only has romance, but it has action, which keeps you reading till the end. I did not put this book down and now am sad that it ended. James Duncan and J Kahele have a permanent fan and I hope that they will continue to write together and bring more amazing stories to all of us. Holina Marts