Heal Me

J Kahele

I wasn't sure how I would feel, when I signed these papers. A part of me was relieved, but another part of me felt empty inside. I imagine it was because of the hard road it took to get to this point. I cried and cried, my heart broke, knowing that this was not the way it should have ended, we should have found some civility, some common ground. But instead, we hated, we took a life and a family and we ended on hate. How awful was that?

I tried to vent and talk to him, but he wouldn't listen or allow me to just release and let go. He couldn't even give me the closure I had been looking for all along. There will never be a recovery from the emotional roller coaster, he made my life for two years. How could you love, hate and then forgive. You couldn't. You could get over it. But you will never forget. The scars burnt forever in your heart and in your head. 

Years of loyalty, love and consideration, crushed into a ball of hate, washing away everything. A marriage. A family. I was so stupid to expect anything less than what I received, to trust a person who had no qualms in taking my life, and turning into a circus, hurting my girls and hurting me. It hurts. It hurts a lot....



2018-01-29 08:06:32 - J Kahele
Thanks so much Dave <3.
2018-01-29 05:23:46 - Dave Hart
So sorry Janelle, wish I could take all the pain away like it never happened
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