Breathing Again

I spent all of yesterday by myself, just drowning in reality. The initial shock of it all had me balling like a baby, but when I settled into the idea, it was relief. For two reasons:

1. It was over. For almost two years, I had endured the actions of a person who had no respect for my feeling or my girls.

2.  I could now close that door, that I had half open for nearly two years. Please let me clarify, not for reconciliation, the marriage was over. I was waiting for him to fix what he broke. To admit to his wrongs, but he never did. I did it only for my girls. So they could see,  that even when he kicked me in the teeth, humiliated me to no ends, I stay opened minded to civility. Because it was always about them and it will always be. I wanted them to know, strength wasn't only defending yourself and fighting back. Sometimes, you have to sit quietly, weather the storm of degradation and heartbreak. Breathe in and blow it back out.

My daughters supported my decision. They knew in order for me to be happy, I couldn't be involved with a toxic person, who did so many wrongs to be, even if it was their own father. He may have knocked me down, kicked me around, but in the end, I was the one who persevered. Because I no longer had to take his control, his nasty words, his arrogant manner. I had my girls respect and love and mostly....I was free to be me. 



January 30, 2018 @02:59 pm
Everybody deserves to be happy and in a stress free relationship, you did the right thing by getting out Dave Hart

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