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Houston Gunn is a 16-year-old-entrepreneur, author, real estate investor and musician who is on a mission to inspire other young people to take steps now to build successful futures.

His first book, “Schooled for Success – How I Plan to Graduate from High School a Millionaire,” shares his story.

Born in Bonney Lake, WA, Houston Gunn used money he earned from appearing in a TV commercial to make his first real estate deal at the age of 13. By 14 he had started writing his first book. The CEO he interviewed for a job shadow assignment during his freshman year of high school challenged him to write what became “Schooled for Success.”

Houston not only accepted the challenge but also finished the book in 14 months. Gunn even caught the attention of famed business mogul Donald Trump, who granted an interview via email that is shared in the book.

Teachers also motivated Houston, though not in ways they likely expected. He set the goal of earning $1 million by high school graduation on his first day as a freshman. At the freshman assembly, the leadership teacher’s announcement they could earn $1 million in their lifetimes they got good grades, went to college and got good jobs.

His classmates’ cheers and whooping confused Houston, who had done the math: $1 million over a 40-year career is $25,000 a year. He thought:

“Why are the teachers and freshmen cheering and going wild? We the graduating class of 2015 should be booing and have got to learn more about money. We should be worth more than a million dollars over our lifetime!”

With entrepreneurial parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, Houston knows what he wants. He has figured out how to get it and encourages all young people as well as their parents not to shy away from asking for what they want. A “No” is better than nothing, Houston says. A “Yes” can change your life.

Houston Gunn is the new voice to his generation of entrepreneurs.

He is now living outside Nashville, TN, with his family. Houston loves playing everything from percussion to the guitar and bass, fiddle and mandolin as well as singing and songwriting. But he is still a teenager and loves pizza, motorcycles, and blue Corvettes.

Houston set a goal of buying a blue Corvette by May 20, 2014, before he turns 17. But first he needs his driver’s license.


He currently has two books available:


School for success: How I plan to graduate High School a millionaire. Purchase book.


Shooting for success: Your launch pad for skyrocketing to the top. Purchase book.


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