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Ecstasy Claimed (Guardians of the Realms, #2)Ecstasy Claimed by Setta Jay
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Alyssa is tired of living under the hard hand of her parents and their overprotective ways. Also, being a mate to a man who hasn’t claimed her as really killed her self-esteem. She needs to reenergize, to take her life into her own hands, so she plans a trip with her friend Rain, to a place where she plans to lose her virginity.
Gregoire has waited many years to claim is mate. It’s not because he hasn’t craved her or wanted to take her, it’s because of his respect for his old friend, her father. But when his father calls for him, because Alyssa is missing, he comes to the rescue. He’s pissed off to learn that she has taken a vacation with her friend, to an island known for sexual romps and he realizes that the time has come for him to claim her.
Erik is having a difficult time dealing with the rape of his mate Sam. Sam is told by Sirena that in order for Erik to get over the hurt and pain, they have to mate. But Erik is afraid that he will be too much for his mortal mate, they he may lose control, so he chooses to leave Sam, to go to a place where he can wallow in his depression alone. But Sam won’t let him go, she knows what he needs and she intends on giving it to him.
I loved this story. Gregoire is a sexy man beast and I like how dominant, yet compassionate he is with Alyssa. I felt so bad for Erik and I couldn’t imagine, how difficult it was for him to know that the woman he cares for was taken against his will. Now I’m off to part three!!!!

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