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SERIES – Cynfell Brothers AUTHOR – Samantha Holt GENRE – Victorian Romance COVER ARTISTLove, Lust & Lipstick Stains



Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. The Cynfell brothers are the very embodiment of a sinful existence. But could the right woman change that?


Sinful Confessions  

Sinful Confessions





My review


Julian Cynfell, Marquess of Lockwood, has been married three times and all have died at young ages, people of his town believe that he is cursed in someway because of this. After, sending correspondence of complaint to a business partner, he is answered by the man’s daughter, stating that her father has fallen ill. Letters between the woman, Viola Thompson and him continue.

When Viola shows up at his doorstep, acting as if invited, he is thrown back, wanting her away as quickly as possible, he had not been with a woman in a long time and had no wish to ever be with one again. But Viola will not be brushed off so easily.

This story was amazing to read. The author penned a so indifferent yet similar plot in a romance. She took a scorned, angry, proper English man and matched him up with a very strong willed American woman. That in itself was worth the read. But add a little emotion, romance and you have a masterpiece.


My rating – 5.0 out of 5.0


Sinful Deeds

Sinful Deeds





My review


Dante takes widow Josephine in as his mistress, providing her with everything she needs a home, money and beautiful jewelry. One drunken night, he comes to her home for a sexual liaison and is met by the hard slap of her hand. He is confused and doesn’t understand why she has stricken her, but it is revealed that he had startled her.

After four years of loving and abiding to Dante’s needs, Josephine wants more than just to be Dante’s mistress. But Dante has no wish to marry and Josephine decides it is in her best interest to leave.

I loved the way that the author took a very stubborn and spoiled man, metamorphosing him into a loving person. I adored the strength of Josephine’s character, not everyone could leave a person they love so deeply as she had Dante and move on as she did.

This was a very powerful short tale and definitely one that will stick with me for a long time. On another note, the hot steamy scene didn’t hurt it either!


My rating – 5.0 out of 5.0


Sinful Liaisons  

Sinful Liaisons




My review    


A naked man…A Duchess?

Pierce Cynfell still streaming from a drunken night makes his way down an unfamiliar road, trying to find his way to civilization. He's hung-over and naked which made the story all the more interesting. He hears the sounds of a carriage, realizing his bare feet would not get him far, he waves to the driver atop of it, who ignores him as he races by, spattering dirt on him. But a few seconds later, the carriage halts. He runs up and when the door opens he is met by the eyes of a beautiful woman. Evelyn Chesworth, Duchess of Ardleigh.

This story is my third in the series and I have to say these stories get better each time. How could you not become engrossed in a story that starts with a man walking down a road, naked? I have to say I have become quite a fan of Samantha Holt. How she can create a world, craft amazing characters and really giving a feeling of a good read in these short stories, is amazing. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.


My rating 5.0 out of 5.0

  Sinful Liasons - Teaser


Sinful Liaisons Oxfordshire, 1897

A breeze whistled across his nether regions. Pierce grimaced. It could have been worse, he supposed. At least the day was mild with no sign of rain. He peered into the distance. Only the deeply grooved road cutting its path through the gentle hills hinted at civilisation. He grimaced again. Where the bloody hell was he?

He curled a fist and began trudging along the grass at the side of the road. Stones pricked his bare feet.

“Bloody Goddamn it.”

Pierce was going to kill Giles if he lived through this. He hadn’t intended to visit their favourite gambling den, but Giles just had to talk him into it. Nor had he meant to get utterly foxed. He hardly remembered wagering everything including his clothes. As for how he’d ended up naked on the roadside...

“Bloody Goddamn it all to hell.”

One final wager...He had vague recollections. Something to do with a race? Damnation, if only his head wasn’t so fuzzy. But even then, why had Giles left him to sleep it off in a field—naked?

The rumble of a carriage made him stiffen. He wouldn’t get far with his bare feet. A form of transport would be useful indeed. But who would give a naked man a ride? Pierce shrugged to himself and turned, cupping one hand over himself to preserve what little modesty he had left and using the other to gain the driver’s attention.

The black, glossy carriage rumbled closer, led by two horses. He saw the driver glance his way then look again before turning his head away. Dirt spattered his legs making him jump back as it rolled past.

“Rot in hell then,” he muttered half-heartedly and resisted the urge to scuff his bare foot across the ground.

A command from the driver reached his ears and he held his breath as the horses came to a halt. The vehicle stopped. Both hands over the family jewels, Pierce waited. The door swung open.

“Thank you,” he uttered, lifting his gaze to the heavens, and hurried toward the carriage. He cursed under his breath when several more rocks jabbed the soles of his feet.

Trying to look as noble as one could when naked, he paused in front of the open door. There, in the dark confines of the vehicle and set against plush royal blue seats, an elegant redhead skimmed her gaze up and down his body. Even in the gloom of the carriage, he saw an eyebrow rise. Then he noted the curve of her lips.

Pierce stared back. He allowed his own gaze to travel over her, observing the generous rise of her breasts against a low cut bodice and the slender waist that led to hips that were emphasised by a bustle. Hair coiled high, it gave him a fine view of the gems on her neck and ears. From the delicate porcelain skin to the emeralds casting a faint green hew across it, everything about this woman told him of her importance.

And her attractiveness. He had to force his gaze from her breasts or else both hands wouldn’t conceal anything.

“Get in.”



Samantha lives in a small village in England with her gorgeous twin girls. She enjoys writing historical romance involving chivalrous knights, hot highlanders and cravatted men, but sometimes gets lured away by bad boy bikers, soldiers and other heroic modern men.




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